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Spiral Couplings: This type of coupling are maintenance-free and therefore economical for the user. Only very slight restoring forces occur during all types of misalignments. Applications: Encoder, resolver, servo motors, machine tool, robot, packing machine, testing equipment, printing press and common mechanical engineering. Micron has wide range of shaft coupling products, which are suitable for particular motion control applications. Micron shaft couplings can handle big range torque, 0.10Nm up to 60Nm. Bore holes are equipped with fitting in accordance to ISO-H7. Several helical cuts are machined into one piece of material, thereby generating flexible properties which compensate for angular, parallel and axial misalignments.

Disk Type Couplings: Disk-Type Couplings have a set of Steel disks. Disks and hubs are precision riveted with spacers making it one piece. Disk type couplings are available in three models, Light duty, Medium duty and Heavy duty Servo or Motor Couplings, Heavy duty Couplings having similar design as stated above. Main change is in disk, i.e. in place of single disk these have multiple disk depending on the torque rating. In case the actual torque requirement is more then in case of nut & blot assembly additional disks can be added to suit torque. These couplings can be supplied in steel hubs and Aluminum hubs with AS or AF clamping, with or without keyway, as per customer's need.

Floating Carriage Micrometers: Effective Diameter Measuring Micrometer is also commonly known as FCM or Floating Carriage Micrometer. This instrument is used for accurate measurement of 'Thread Plug Gauges'. Gauge dimensions such as Outside diameter, Pitch diameter, and Root diameter are measured with the help of this instrument. All these dimensions have a vital role in the thread plug gauges, since the accuracy and interchangeability of the component depends on the gauges used. To reduce the effect of slight errors in the micrometer screws and measuring faces, this micrometer is basically used as comparator.

Model for College Laboratory Equipment:

Dial Gauge Caliberator DGCV-25: It is a uniq design for checking Dial gauges having least count 0.01mm and 0.001mm this is a Real 2 in 1 calibration tester, since both 0.01 & 0.001 dials can be tested in one cablibration tester. This tester is used in calibration laboratories for checking plunger dials, Lever type dials, bore gaugesAll these instruments have a vital role in the production shop, since quality of the product is directly dependent on the instruments used. The micrometer has a direct reading of 0.002mm and the least count of 0.0002mm on vernier scale having widly spaced lines making it quickly readable

Monochromatic Light: Micron" Green sorce Monochromativ Light Unit is an "Echo Friendly" constant frequency light sorce to check Flatness.Normally yellow orange light from a sodium vapour lamp light sorce is used to check the flatness. The work experience shows this light takes much time to get constant light and working in this light sorse id tiresome to eyes. We have developed a green monochrometic light which have a power saving light sorce and ir ready instantantly when swithc on. The fringes in green monochromatic gives no fatiuge to eyes. Flatness calculations and checking is same.

Optical Flats: These are used with monochromatic light unit for checking the flatness. Avalable sizes: 25mm 50mm and 100mm having lambda/4 to lambda/6 accuracy.(Checked with master with lambda/20 accuracy flat)

Specimen Set: These are used as comparator samples having different patterns of flatness such as Optical Flat, Convex, Concave etc and mainly required for technical institutes and colleges and are used with monochromatic light unit. measuring faces, this micrometer is basically used as comparator.

DIAL GAUGE COMPARATOR STANDS & PUNCH GRINDING ATTACHMENTS: Comparator Stands of different types and sizes, Punch Grinder Attachment for Small punches grinding on surface grinding.

3 Point Micrometer Calibration Tool:

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